Madsim eases the pre-processing finite element step of its users and implements all necessary tools for the study and development of materials and macro models like: composite materials (UD, textile reinforced composites,…), 3D lattice reinforced materials with or without damage. A few of the multiple features necessary for the analysis of materials are:

  • Tools for the analysis of the material properties of unit cells of periodic materials through homogenization. For example the automatic application of periodic boundary conditions on the RVE of a textile reinforced composite material. The calculated homogenized linear elastic properties can be used in macro-level analyses.
  • Tools for the automatic generation of 3D Lattice structures for the 3D printing of lightweight structures
  • Tools for the automatic generation of FE models implementing cohesive elements enabling damage FE simulations on coupon level as well as on part or assembly level.
  • A CT-scan analysing tool

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We support our clients in achieving their design goals by providing accurate and time effective solutions and results. Our expertise in multiple fields of engineering like design/drawing, finite element analysis combined with the creativity of our team delivers innovative and cost-efficient solutions for our clients. With experience in project management, we can offer our services from the start of a project till the end.

New design: we can support our clients at each step of the design process. Starting with the adequate material choice in combination with the development of a design fulfilling the customers’ requests and by using finite element analyses or other analytical calculations the obtained solution is obtained.

Besides the development of new products, Madsis helps with optimizing existing designs with custom made tools (e.g. 3D lattice structures) or user defined methods.

Our strength is our knowledge and flexibility as well as our communication capabilities.


Customer specific trainings can be given concerning topics as design and development of new and/or existing products. Topics for beginning colleagues as well as advanced topics in the finite element field can be organised. The expertise of our engineers cover the Abaqus software capabilities as well as the CAD designs software CATIA. Possible topics are:

  • Material development using finite element models
  • Including damage in composite materials
  • Automation of pre- and post-processing through scripting
  • Development of a new product using CAD and FEA


With almost 10 years of expertise in multiple areas of finite element modelling of high level parts for the automotive, wind and aerospace industry, Madsis offers solutions for its customers’ needs through finite element analyses and analytical calculations with respect to the boundary conditions of the projects, specifications and regulations. The expertise covers the linear and non-linear calculations, static and dynamic, using metallic, polymer and composite materials. If needed, Madsis can create user specific macros (scripts) or stand-alone software for the automation of pre-processing and post-processing steps of finite element analyses.