Madsis Engineering Simulation

MADSIS designs and develops software for the engineering applications of tomorrow of the customers. During the years, multiple modules have been developed for customers in different areas. Together with an intuitive graphical user interface, these software modules reduce the processing time of engineers and allow them to focus on the issues that matter for them. A non-exhaustive list of modules that can be found in the Madsim software package is: CAD tools (3D/ 2D); lattice structure generation starting from 3D model; CAE for pre-processing purposes and the analysis of material properties (damage and elastic); CT scan analysis tool with automatic conversion of CT scans into 3D models including an automatic fibre direction calculation tool.

Besides the software development, MADSIS offers high-quality, efficient and cost-effective consulting services that will accelerate the design process, reduce its cost and shorten your time-to-market. The company is a spin-off of Ghent university and is specialized in concept definition, design and engineering, POC development, with expertise in multiple engineering areas, software as well as mechanical.

MADSIS stands for:

  • MAterials
  • Design
  • SImulations
  • Software

The company focuses on:

  • understanding the needs of the customers
  • brainstorming with /or without the customers in the search for solutions
  • writing a roadmap
  • develop the chosen solution in an Agile working method
  • reporting to/ updating the project status to the stakeholders



The MADSIM CAD Tool allows to visualize / modify / create CAD models (2D/3D) with an intuitive graphical user interface for the ease of the users. The creation of lattice structures starting from a STL or CAD model (.stp) have never been so easy.


The MADSIM CAE Tool consists of different modules for the pre-processing of finite element models like:

  • creation of contact surfaces
  • creation of element orientations (e.g. for the yarn meshes in woven fabric architecture)
  • generation of periodic boundary conditions on a representative unit cell (conformal meshes on opposite sides are not obligatory)
  • automatic generation of Mode I and ModeĀ II models
  • insertionĀ of cohesive elements in between surfaces or in between all elements of a FE mesh


The MADSIM CT Tool allows to analyse CT scans and create 3D models from the original CT images.

  • automatic calculation of fibre volume fractions and orientation for composite materials
  • void analyses
  • generation of 3D stl models
  • measurements

Our services


Madsis can guide you through the different development steps of a new software module / package. With our experience / expertise in multiple languages like c++, c#, WPF, python, java, google protocol buffers, the interaction between different modules can be assured.

Madsis can also guide the customers in the transformation of legacy code into present time coding standards / UI.


Our technical background on computational, software, mechanical and material level allows our customers to increase their competitiveness in almost every engineering department.


Madsis offers customer specific trainings empowering the knowledge of engineers on software level, design level or finite element analysis.

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